Create a beautiful environment for your baby when you shop our nursery room decor online. Pottery Barn Kids room decor comprises classic and enduring styles, fun and whimsical bedroom decorating ideas, and creative and personalised DIY room decorations. First up, for your classic baby room decorations, start with a cot mobile. Our baby cot mobiles are designed to hang from a mobile arm that's sold separately and secures to your cot safely and simply. Our nursery mobiles feature cute animals and play a soothing themed tune. Also in the classic category of baby room decor are our collection of picture frames. Create a gallery wall of photo frames that capture all the early milestones of your baby's life, and help celebrate their first moments. In the area of fun and whimsical room decor ideas, the first thing that comes to mind are our collection of nursery wall decals. The perfect solution for time-poor or creatively challenged new parents, wall decals make the simplest DIY room decor around. Our sets of wall art stickers can be grouped on one wall or arranged all over the room and ceiling for a bespoke look that quickly transforms a simple painted wall. As your baby grows or if you move house, the decal stickers can be easily removed without damage. Further personalise your kids bedroom decor when you browse our whimsical wall art online. Shop our collection of prints in frames, canvas wall art, painted sentiment plaques and more. Create a bespoke collection for your baby's room mixing mirrors, picture frames, wall art prints and shelving. Just remember to keep any wall art clear of the cot and well out of baby's reach. Pottery Barn Kids mirrors aren't just for bedroom decor - they are a great way to bring kid or baby-friendly style to your bathroom decor, too. Shop decorative round mirrors with butterflies and flowers, or fun shaped mirrors with ears for a playful touch to their space. When it comes to personalised room decoration ideas, our favourites include large letters to represent your baby's initials. Add the final important touch to your baby room decor with the right lighting. We offer colourful pendant lighting, and crystal chandeliers for your ceiling, but don't forget to accent the room with a couple of table lamps, too. Our kid-friendly bases are sold separately to the lamp shades so you can mix and match for your ideal look. Made to last, our lamps will take your baby from their nursery through to their big kid bed. Just remember to keep them out of reach of your baby, including the cord.