Shop all your nursery furniture needs online with our stylish collection of baby cots, bassinets, change tables, nursery rocking chairs and more. Pottery Barn Kids baby furniture is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted to ensure safety, comfort and enduring style for years to come. We understand that furniture is an important investment and we bring value with designs that are built to last and which will grow with your child. When you buy your cot, be sure to pick up one of our cot conversion kits that will see it transform into a toddler bed. Our toddler conversion kits are designed to add many months of extra use to your baby bed, and we strongly advise that you buy yours at the same time as your cot to avoid missing out. Meanwhile, our baby change tables feature removable toppers to convert them to regular dressers once your child has been potty trained. When you buy a rocking chair for nursery use, pick up a set of stationary feet and you'll be able to turn it into a regular armchair to move into the living room or bedroom once your nursing days are over.