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Shop our complete collection of curtains and curtain rods online to find just the right look for your kids bedroom. Pottery Barn Kids curtains are sold in individual panels allowing you to buy only what you need. The best childrens curtains coordinate with the paint colour and bedding of your kid's room, but their purpose much is more than simply decorative. Bedroom curtains also serve the important tasks of blocking out sunlight and creating privacy. For play rooms and spaces where complete blackout curtains aren't necessary, go for lightweight linen curtains or panels without the blockout lining. They will give you adequate privacy and soften the harshest effects of the sun, but will still allow the light to filter through in a pleasant way.

For the bedroom, a pair of blockout curtains will ensure a restful night's sleep for your child even once the sun has risen. Shop our densely lined block out curtains in a huge range of styles, from luxe linen ruffles and pure silk styles to tailored striped styles hanging from metal grommets. Choose a style with a valance for added decorative interest and a more custom designer look.

When it comes to nursery curtains, new parents will love the way blackout panels allow a completely dark environment for baby's nap time. Just as with our curtains, our curtain rods and window hardware come in a wide variety of styles. Personalise our nickel or white curtain rods with finials in your choice of fun or sophisticated designs made with metal, ceramic or glass. We also carry curtain holdbacks and rings to complete your windows.