Give a stamp of personality to your kids room with our vast range of room decor. Our best bedroom decorating ideas can be found online in the form of wall mirrors, wall art, jewellery boxes, bed canopies, picture frames, mobiles, lamps, pendants and chandelier lighting, keepsakes and other gifts. The most savvy DIY room decor doesn't take up precious space in your kids room. Instead it capitalises on the vertical space on your walls and ceilings. When it comes to the ceiling, the first step is of course lighting. Consider replacing the existing pendant lighting with a funky mini pendant or group of pendants, or a glamorous crystal chandelier. If a new hardwired chandelier is not on the cards, add interest to your ceiling with a hanging mobile instead. Shop nursery mobiles with plush hanging characters, celestial shapes and a gentle soothing tune. Along with our baby cot mobiles, we carry hanging decor to suit older kids too. Unlike our baby mobiles which are designed to hang from a special cot mobile arm, our ceiling installations are artful designs that move gently with their own momentum. The ceiling and high wall space is also perfect for hanging garlands and creative DIY room decorations such as oversized crepe paper flowers or glittering cut-out butterflies. Make more of a feature of their bed with a wall-mounted bed canopy. Choose from our classic tulle kids canopy and cornice for fairy-tale charm, or a more tailored fabric canopy shaped like a train tunnel for little adventurers. For go-anywhere kids bedroom decor, shop our wall decals. Perfect for renters or short-term kids room decor, our kids wall decals are removable and re-adhesive. Available in sets of multiple individual decal stickers, they are perfect for customising in any arrangement you choose for a bespoke mural effect. Our stylist's tip for personalised kids or baby room decor is to mix a combination of wall art stickers with an eclectic gallery wall comprising canvas wall art, a round mirror or two and a collection of photo frames featuring special moments in your kids life. To keep the collection looking cohesive and curated, stick to a theme. For example, stick to room decor ideas that are all monochrome with a nature theme. Choose a round-mirror with butterfly trim, add wall art prints with sweet sentiments in silver and white tones, add our cloud-shaped nursery decals and complete the whimsical display with a couple of oversized white paper flowers. Dreamy! Shop our full range of wall art online including wall decals for kids and nurseries, round mirrors, art cable systems, pinboards and loads more wall-mountable room decoration ideas. When it comes to surface-top decorating, it's a fine line between keeping things uncluttered and practical, and engaging and decorative. The secret is to choose useful-but-beautiful objects that will double as decor. For example, our jewellery boxes and jewellery stands are decorations in themselves, and will also help keep your little girl's treasures safe and organised. Similarly, our table lamps are designed to add personality to their bedroom while also creating a little extra lighting for story time. Our lamp stands are sold separately from our lamp shades so you can mix and match your favourites for a custom look. Our desk lamps, on the other hand, are sold complete for high-quality task lighting with a touch of playfulness. Complete their dresser top with a vanity mirror or collection of bedroom frames filled with their own artwork or photos of special family moments. Finally, don't forget to extend your kids decor beyond the bedroom. Our bathroom decor, including soap dispensers, toothbrush holders, rubbish bins and bathroom mirrors will add kid-friendly style to even the most sterile, practical room in your home!