Kids Bedroom Ideas

The simplest way of putting together a brilliant kids bedroom that ticks all the boxes for both you and them is to start with the basics. While it may sound obvious, consider the size of their bed first as that will, no doubt, be the biggest item in the room. What will work best: toddler bed, single bed, king single bed or bunk beds? Gender considerations probably won’t come into the initial planning so specific girls bedroom ideas and boys bedroom ideas can be played with later. Next, you’ll need storage – and as much as possible! At the very least, a bedroom dresser for clothes and bedside table to house a light for those precious moments where you and they will read together before they drift off to sleep. Now comes the fun part – choosing the styles, colours and accessories of your kids bedroom furniture that works with the decorating scheme or theme you’re after. By keeping the bedroom furniture classic – whether it’s for a girl bedroom or boy bedroom ¬– keeping to natural colours is helpful, as colour can be introduced with kids bedroom décor, paint and accessories. Natural timber or wood are winners and white brightens up a space whether used in their bed choice or as a white dresser or white bedside table. Keeping the larger pieces neutral also adds to their longevity as you can you can add more mature prints and designs as your children age through kids bed linen that been specifically designed to delight and enthral. There are so many fantasy-filled patterns to choose from in both girls bed linen and boys bed linen that you can guarantee your little one will never be bored! If you’re looking for kids bedroom ideas, a quick look around our website will show you numerous ways we’ve put together kids bed linen and kids bedding together that should spark off the perfect approach for your own project. Maybe your little one loves princesses and fairy tales or intergalactic adventures and construction motifs. Whatever their preference, we have kids sheets, kids bedspreads, kids comforters and kids quilt covers to transform their room from somewhere purely to sleep into a magical dream destination they – and you – will love.