Children have vivid imaginations, which can occupy them for hours given the right circumstances. An indoor area that can be used as a playroom, regardless of size, is an ideal starting point to encourage creative games. A kids table and chairs set will do the trick if all that’s needed is somewhere to build, draw, paint and craft but you can also add specialty pieces to really amp up the fun factor. Children love to role play and dress-up so providing them with a kids table where they can set up shop or a kids play kitchen where they indulge their cooking fantasies is guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. For great kids playroom ideas, look to the books your children love most. Whether their inner world is filled with princesses and knights, wilderness adventures, space travel or domestic dreams – hello dress-up costumes, bed canopy, jungle-inspired décor, kids kitchen set – our playroom offerings are sure to be a hit. When they’re not in their wooden play kitchen or fighting imaginary battles, they’ll need somewhere to chill out. A perfectly sized kids sofa or a few kids sofa chairs is ideal, which you could even turn into a private retreat by placing them under a kids canopy. Made with quality materials, a Pottery Barn Kids chair will support them when they’re resting and when they’re creating. A kids vanity also provides them with a scaled-down version of the real thing. Vanities are ideal for keeping bits and pieces contained, as is a mirror at the right height for when they’re preparing for a role-playing adventure. Just add a kids chair and they can quietly (or not so quietly) contemplate the transformation needed! Regardless of how your child likes to spend their creative time, Pottery Barn Kids takes great pride in providing much-loved, quality pieces, like children's play kitchens, kids table and chairs that will help turn their ideas into hours of fun.