Girl Baby Comforters

Baby Girl Comforters For Sweet Sleep Spaces

Creating a cosy and peaceful sleep environment for your baby girl will help to inspire sweet dreams. The baby girl comforters at Pottery Barn Kids use premium materials that feel good against sensitive baby skin. They're perfect for cuddling on the sofa or in a nursery chair or for layering on a toddler bed for older kids. Choose from a wide range of style options to best complement your nursery or toddler's bedroom.

Soft and Cosy Baby Bedding

Like the cot linens and other nursery linens available at Pottery Barn Kids, the comforters in this collection use only premium, kid-friendly materials to promote better sleep. Some blankets are hand-stitched from Lyocell, an environmentally friendly fibre made from wood pulp. This naturally biodegradable and antibacterial fabric absorbs moisture better than cotton and offers incredible comfort. Others use more traditional materials, like organic cotton. The cotton is grown without the use of chemicals like toxic pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, so you can feel good about having it in your baby's sleep space.

These comforters are filled with either cotton or polye(more...)