Round Rugs

Round Rugs Add Interest, Colour and Depth

Rugs are a key design element in any room. They had texture, colour and warmth while also serving to cushion hard floors, something that is particularly important in rooms used primarily by young children. Rugs can also help to define a space by anchoring furniture or breaking a larger room into smaller spaces with clearly defined purposes. A small rug under a cozy chair or beanbag in the corner of a large playroom, for example, would help to create a reading area. While most area rugs are rectangular in shape, that is certainly not your only option. In fact, opting for a round rug is often the best choice for smaller rooms. Round rugs also offer the added benefit of being a somewhat unexpected choice, which is perfect for a nursery or child's room.

The Details

Pottery Barn Kids' round rugs range from solid-coloured rugs in neutral tones to boldly patterned rugs in bright colours, so no matter the style of your child's room, you'll find a round rug th(more...)