Changing Pads & Support Pillows

Find Changing Pads and Support Pillows For Your Nursery

When you have a baby, you soon realize that you need plenty of gear to go along with your new addition. Once you've designed their bedroom with nursery furniture, you can focus on those smaller yet equally important elements of your nursery. This Pottery Barn Kids collection includes changing pads and support pillows, which are products that you'll use daily as you care for your baby. Read on to learn more about these products and discover the right one for your baby's needs.

Changing Pads

Position changing pads on top of your change table to create a comfortable spot to place your baby during nappy changes. Find changing pads crafted of soft yet sturdy materials, including contoured vinyl and foam core. This design locks out moisture and stains to ensure that your changing pad stays in top condition. These pads also have a skid-resistant bottom so that they sit securely on the top of your change table or dresser. They can be spot cleaned should any messes occur.

Pair your changing pad with a changing p(more...)