Choosing the Best Swaddles For Baby

We know how important it is for you to have the perfect swaddles to wrap baby up in. We've curated the cutest prints and patterns and the softest and cosiest materials for you to choose from. Our swaddles come in convenient sets of two or three pieces, and each piece is finished in its own unique colour or print. Discover how swaddles can work for you as you round out your baby care kit.

What Does a Swaddle Do?

Baby swaddles can provide several benefits for your newborn. Because of the soft, gentle pressure a swaddle provides, it can be great for reducing baby's startle reflex. A swaddle can also help calm and soothe baby, especially if they are anxious, prone to crying or colicky. It can also help baby's ability to sleep better.

A swaddled baby should only be placed on their back and on a flat surface - make sure to keep watch over baby so they don't roll over when they're swaddled.

Playful Patterns

You'll find a range of charming prints and patterns to choose from with our baby swaddles. Discover charming animal-themed prints, from woodland critters to safari animals. Add character-driven detail to your set with our Disney Winnie the Pooh prints or add galactic flair to your set with our Star Wars™(more...)