Add the finishing touch with stylish extras that make their space one of a kind.


Playful Decor For Every Child's Space

The key to creating a place where your children will love to play and grow is to decorate their room or toy area with decor that's reflective of their interests and personal design style. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide array of different decor options to choose from, making it easy to find quality items that are cohesive with the overall design you're trying to achieve in the room.

Choosing the Best Decor For Their Room

With so many different types of decor pieces found within this collection, determining the ones you'll need comes down to looking at the finer details of each design option, such as:

  • Item: As you begin to browse all the possibilities, take a moment to think about the current design theme of their room and the overall needs of the space. Look for decorative elements that will fill a void in the room while delivering colour, pattern or visual appeal to the overall design. You can do this by choosing a single item or mixing-and-matching a couple different options to bring added layers of interest to their room.
  • Design: Once you know the different types of items you want to include, it's time to take a closer look at the design of each one. The colour, pattern and little design details (more...)