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Jumpstart Their Imagination With Play Food

Despite the fact that your little ones may have very particular tastes and palates that are less than adventurous, odds are good that they love incorporating pretend food in their creative play. Even a kiddo who refuses to eat anything but dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets will happily play with pretend fruits, vegetables and more, and oftentimes this playtime exploration eventually leads to a real-world willingness to try new flavours and textures. Even if it doesn't end up making meal time easier, play food encourages all kinds of imaginary play that is incredibly important for growth and development. Whether they're playing house, grocery store or restaurant, kids will love having access to realistic-looking play food for all of their make-believe play.

The Details

Imaginative play has long been known to be a key part of child development, and providing kids with a few props is a great way to jumpstart their creativity. Pottery Barn Kids offers a wide range of play food sets in a variety of styles and combinations. There are plush garden veggies and a wooden egg crate that would be perfect for playing farmer as well as wooden food sets that come with a toy knife for slicing through the pre-sectioned foods in the(more...)