Outdoor Toys

Outdoor Toys For Not-So-Serious Fun in the Sun

Whether you are spending time with the family at the beach, playing at the pool or enjoying a lazy day in your own backyard, your child is sure to have a blast playing with the selection of outdoor toys available only at Pottery Barn Kids. Our selection of outdoor toys and accessories is bright and colourful to help your child let their imagination run wild. They are unique and most are designed exclusively for our online and in-store selection.

We have an array of water toys for splashing, sand toys for building and mixing and art accessories for creating outdoor masterpieces that will not harm your furnishings or driveway. Here is a quick look at the selection of outdoor accessories and toys available at Pottery Barn Kids in more detail.

Types of Toys

Let's take a peek at some of the fun and enchanting toys available for outdoor play:

  • Beach balls - Crafted of durable PVC, our beach balls are designed with rough play in mind. Most of these balls have a clear outer shell and include inflatable characters and embellishments on the inside. These balls can be inflated with an air pump or by mouth and come with a puncture repair kit. Choose from beach balls decorated with sea creatures, unicorns,(more...)