Toddler Beds & Conversion Kits

Setting the Bedroom up With the Best Toddler Beds

As your baby grows, they will eventually transition out of their crib and into a bed. That's where our toddler beds come in. Convertible in design, they are crafted to make it easy for you to reset the crib configuration without having to invest in a whole new set. Explore our styles and designs to find the one that's right for your toddler.

What is a Convertible Bed?

A convertible bed helps make the transition from crib to bed an easy one. This type of bed allows you to remove one wall of the crib. The side typically features a guardrail instead, while still ensuring that there's space in the middle for a toddler to climb in and out of bed. Some will convert a third time, to make a double-sized bed - perfect for young children. Conversion kits are sold separately.

Styles of Toddler Beds

For versatile mixing and matching with your toddler's room decor, try a simple bed silhouette finished in a crisp white or neutral gray hue. Give your mid-century style a boost with a convertible bed made with tapered legs and finished in a natural tan shade. Or choose one finished with sculpted touches and soft tufted texture for extra charm.

Benefits of our Toddler Mattresses

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