Charming Accents Provide the Perfect Finishing Touches to Your Child's Room Decor

There are a significant number of major decisions to make when designing a nursery or child's room. The first thing you'll probably need to consider is furniture, and whether you're looking for a cot and a glider for a nursery or a bunk bed and a dresser for an older child, there are a lot of big purchases to make at the outset. After that, you have to choose bed linens and possibly a rug and window treatments. All of these things are part of the room's decor, of course, but it is the final finishing touches, the small decorative items like snow globes, bookends and mobiles that really add personality and polish to a space.

The Details

Kids' room decor will change and grow as they do, and while that occasionally requires a major overhaul, like when making the move from cot to big kid bed, for the most part, kids' changing interests and preferences can be incorporated with more surface level adjustments. For example, a refresh of t(more...)