Girl Toddler Comforters

Cosying up With Toddler Comforters

We know how important it is for your toddler to be warm and cosy as they drift off to dreamland. That's why we've curated the very best in toddler comforters for you to choose from. Discover an array of cheerful character-themed prints, soft textured designs and serene solid shades. Learn about what materials we use to ensure your toddler stays comfortable throughout the night.

Select styles come with both a comforter and two pillowcases, while others come with just a comforter. Style comforters with your favourite sheet sets for a coordinated touch. Match patterns, prints or colours. Or add a pop of visual texture over a sheet set with a comforter made with a patchwork or pom-pom design. The possibilities are endless!

What is a Comforter?

A comforter is a quilted, thick (and breathable) blanket that comes filled with insulating fibres that provide warmth. It is placed on top of bed sheets. A comforter differs from a duvet cover because it comes as a complete set that includes both the outer 'cover' of fabric and the filling in one convenient piece. A duvet cover is simply the fabric that is made to fit and secure the duvet filling inside.

Playful Prints, Kid-Friendly Textures & Other Fabulous Features