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Think of all of the amazing places you could visit with your family. Not long before you're imagining a beach trip with your loved ones, right? That's because few destinations can beat the beach.

Enjoy your day trip or summer vacation a little bit more with beachwear from Pottery Barn Kids. Use this guide to learn more about the beachwear we've got in stock and ready to ship out right now:

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Spend time by the water with your family in style with kids beachwear from Pottery Barn Kids. We've got a range of looks including designs made to protect your children from the sun. Here are some of the kids beachwear options you can buy online now:

  • Cover-ups. Most kids are happy running around in the sun all day in their bathing suits or a t-shirt and shorts. Unfortunately, that basic clothing doesn't provide much protection from the sun. T-shirts won't keep your child warm after taking a swim either. Our cover-ups are made with long sleeves and a hood, helping your child get dry whether they've been swimming for hours or they just splashed around in the shallows with you. Lightweight and breathable, our cover-ups are crafted with 100% cotton material to keep your ki(more...)