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Skill-Building Success With Wooden Blocks

Secure your young child's toy collection with wooden blocks and wooden puzzles. Each wooden piece is durably made with little hands in mind. Watch as your child builds their confidence and works on their hands-on learning as they move each block or place each puzzle piece. Whether they're learning the alphabet with colourful letters or creating new Star Wars™ scenes with magnetic pieces, your child is sure to love our selection at Pottery Barn Kids.

How Wooden Blocks and Wooden Puzzles Help Develop Skills

Wooden blocks are a great way for young children to build their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Playing with blocks improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination. If a child is playing wooden block games with another child, they can begin to work on creativity, communication and cooperation too.

Like blocks, wooden puzzles help young children work on organisation and basic math skills as well as hand-eye coordination and motor skills, especially as they start placing puzzle pieces together to create a picture.

Types of Wooden Blocks

Our wooden blocks are smooth for easy gripping. They're simple to stack and some feature letters, pictures and words. They're perfect for sorting, (more...)