Plush Toys

Plush Toys Are Classics For a Reason

It's hard to think of a toy more ubiquitous than the stuffed animal. Teddy bears and other plush toys have been childhood staples for more than a century, and they remain as popular today as ever. In addition to being incredibly cute, plush toys are actually tremendously important for a child's development. Like dolls, stuffed animals help little ones develop empathy by allowing them to practice caring for and comforting others, and like tea sets and dress-up clothes, plush toys encourage the kind of imaginative play that helps children hone their language, social and motor skills. Finally, super soft plush toys can also be enormously comforting to young children, providing a cuddly, huggable pal and even a little extra security that can travel anywhere with them.

The Details

Pottery Barn Kids has a whole menagerie of plush toys that are perfect for little ones of any age. If you're looking for a baby shower gift, there are small stuffed lambs, bunnies and puppies that would look adorable in any nursery. Older tots will love the large plush toys that are over 40 cm t(more...)