Security Blankets

Loveys and Security Blankets Are Baby Essentials

Officially known as "transitional objects," security blankets, safety blankets or loveys are soft blankets or plush toys that little ones find comforting. Perhaps the most famous pop culture security blanket is the one carried by Linus of Peanuts® fame who proudly takes his with him wherever he goes. Child development experts would say that Linus was on the right track since security blankets and loveys have been shown to help build confidence and reduce stress in little ones as they gain independence.

The Details

It's almost impossible to predict what special object a tot will form an attachment to, but blankets and stuffed animals are the most common. This is likely because their soft texture can be quite soothing. In recent years, it's become easier to find blankets and plush toys that are specifically designed to make appealing loveys. They are soft of course, but they are also small enough to be easily transported, free from decorative embellishments (more...)