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Educational Toys Every Child Will Love

Make play time a chance for your child to learn when you shop the incredible selection of educational toys from Pottery Barn Kids. Thoughtful designs and incredibly durable materials make the toys offered in this collection ones that will be an instant favourite in their collection. Check out all the different options to discover the ideal toys for the children in your home.

Choosing the Best Kids Educational Toys

With such a wide variety of options featured within this collection, determining which ones you'll add to your child's play space requires looking at a few key components of each design, such as:

  • Function: Begin by browsing all the different options, considering the function of the toy. Make sure to keep in mind what skills your child needs to develop the most and whether that toy will be the best choice to help them develop those skills.
  • Design: Once you know what types of items are in this collection, start looking at the individual designs of each one, considering how the look of the toy will appeal to the child you're shopping for. Make sure to take a closer look at how the toy works and what kind of interaction your child will have with the item.
  • Materials: Once a couple of t(more...)