Baby Blankets

Baby Wrap and Blanket Options to Stock Your Nursery

When you're preparing your nursery for your new arrival, you'll want to ensure you have plenty of soft linens on hand. The baby wrap collection at Pottery Barn Kids includes a wide selection of cosy, versatile wraps and blankets that will keep your little boy or girl comfortable at home and on the go. Browse to find bestselling baby blankets to use for your family and give as thoughtful baby shower gifts to new parents.

Swaddles and Wearable Blankets

Until your baby starts to roll over on their own, which typically happens after about two to six months, they should be swaddled at nighttime. The swaddles at Pottery Barn Kids are specially designed to wrap around your newborn, keeping them cosy and preventing the Moro reflex (colloquially known as the startle reflex) from affecting their sleep quality. They're sewn of light, breathable materials, like organic cotton muslin, and typically come packaged in sets of two or three with different prints. They measure 119 inches square and have a decent amount of stretch, making it easy to wrap the fabric snugly around your newborn. A three-piece baby wrap set makes a gre(more...)