Solid Rugs

Anchoring a Kid's Room With Solid Rugs

Solid rugs, especially large area rugs, are a great way to anchor a kid's room. They're soft underfoot, durably made and can provide a pleasant surface for kids to play on. Of course, rugs help protect your floors, too. Explore our kids solid rugs collection and discover how a rug can be a cosy addition to your little one's room.

Choosing Solid Rugs

Pick kids solid rugs that are durable, versatile and hold up to plenty of use. Solid rugs provide a subtle touch to the floorspace. Ours come in neutral hues, soft grays and bold navys, allowing colours and patterns to take centre stage in other areas of the bedroom, such as with bedding, wall art or decorative items.

If you're not sure what size rug you need, think about where you want to place the rug. Do you want it to go underneath a bed? Will it be centrally placed in the room as a space for kids to play on? Or is the rug more of an accent piece? Consider how you want the rug to function to help you narrow down your choice.

Materials & Styles of Solid Rugs

Super soft, hand tufted wool is naturally flame-resistant, making it an ideal choice for a nursery or a kid's room. Shag rugs are luxuriously soft and their cut and looped pile design invite(more...)