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Keep Your Child's Treasures Safe With Stylish Jewellery Boxes

There's something special about childrens jewellery boxes, as they contain a unique space where your child can keep items that are important to them. And fortunately, there are plenty of jewellery boxes for your child to choose from, so they can pick a style that suits their taste. Crafted from beautiful materials and enhanced with fun extras, like music boxes and dancing figures, jewellery boxes aren't just a special spot for keepsakes; they're also beautiful decorative pieces on their own.

And to go along with your child's new childrens jewellery boxes, be sure to bring home other fun decor items for them, like photo frames. Photo frames are an integral part of your child's space, as you and your child can work together and fill these frames with special moments from their life. Beautifully crafted, photo frames even feature some of your child's favourite franchises, like Star Wars™, so these frames are sure to be a fun and treasured part of your child's room. From childrens jewellery boxes to other decor elements, and much more, Pottery Barn Kids has the perfect accessories and furniture for your child's space.